Virtual Concerts & Events

Welcome to our virtual season “Rise Up!” that features eight concerts in October, November, December, February, March, April, and July. Later in the season, two of our concerts are planned for in-person events; three will be presented outdoors but all performances will include a virtual presentation. In addition, eight Concert Insights will be live-streamed about 10 days before each concert. Artistic Director Joseph Holt hosts these informal discussions and musical demonstrations that offer background information on the music, composers, and performers in the upcoming concert.

Our concerts are being filmed by professional videographers and sound engineers from Integrated Media Productions, ensuring high-quality productions that showcase the singers and instrumentalists with a unique cinematic flair featuring commentary and visuals along with the musical performances.

Love in the Air

On-Demand Now!

Concert Insight with
Joseph Holt and Liz Bergman

April 8 – April 30

On-Demand Now!

Concert featuring dancemaker
Liz Bergman

April 11 – May 9

If you miss a live event, you can still purchase a ticket using the purchase links to watch on-demand. After purchasing your ticket you will receive an email with the link and password.