Sharon Greene, Alto

Hometown New York, New York

Current City University Park, FL

What year did you join Choral Artists? 2009

What is your favorite choral work?
Carmina Burana; Mozart Requiem

What was your favorite musical moment?
I have been a member of Choral Artists as long as Dr. Holt has been here! There have been so many moments. I think my first concert in Dec.,2009 stands out to me because I was so thankful to have been hired! The other one that stands out is the Voices of the Holocaust piece. It had a tremendous impact on me.

When I am not singing you will find me:
Reading or Conducting the Sarasota Jewish Chorale!

I give back to my community by:
Bringing beautiful and joyful music to those who cannot attend concerts in person. I do this with the Sarasota Jewish Chorale.

Community Connections & Memberships
I am active in a political organization, and a member of the same party.
I am a member of the Board of Directors of Choral Artists of Sarasota.
I am the Artistic Director of the Sarasota Jewish Chorale