Joseph Giddens, Tenor

Joseph Giddens

Hometown Sarasota, Fl

Current City Sarasota, Fl

What year did you join Choral Artists? 2023

What is your favorite choral work?
Demon In My View (Jeffrey T. Horvath, March 2009)

What was your favorite musical moment?
When I was the assistant stage manager for the SCF Musical Theatre Program in 2019 and we put on the show The Secret Garden (by Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon), one of my favorite moments in that whole show is the quartet. It's a confrontation between Archibald and his brother Neville about the care of Mary, shadowed by the ghosts Archie's wife Lily and her sister Rose, likewise arguing about Lily's engagement to Archie. The passion, anger, and tension in those four cacophonous melodies intersecting is enough to give me chills just remembering it.