Carrell Andrews, Bass

Carrell Andrews

Hometown Orlando, Fl

Current City Bradenton, FL

What year did you join Choral Artists? 2023

What is your favorite choral work?
Handel’s Messiah

What was your favorite musical moment?
One of my most cherished musical moments has to be from Handel's Messiah chorus. The particular segment that has left a lasting impression on me is the iconic Hallelujah Chorus. This majestic piece is often hailed as one of the greatest choral compositions of all time, and for good reason.

When I am not singing you will find me:
Spending time with my family, gym, teaching music, and producing music, and most importantly chilling at home relaxing. I’m a homebody.

I give back to my community by:
Through education finding ways to connect further with my students provide after school opportunities for them to increase in their musicianship and expose them to various musical opportunities. I heavily believe in the importance of mentorship and mentoring our young people. I’m new to the city of Bradenton but prior to moving to here I served heavily in my church back home as well served at our local habitat for humanity.