Mardi Gras Gala

Saturday, February 10, 2024 - 5:30 PM
Casey Key

We are delighted to have Rafael Dávila and Bob McDonald joining us for our Mardi Gras Gala!

The Metropolitan Opera witnessed an extraordinary moment when Rafael Dávila, the renowned tenor, stepped onto the stage at the last minute for the opening presentations of Carmen this year. The audience was treated to a captivating performance as Dávila delivered spectacular arias, leaving everyone in awe. Bob McDonald, a baritone soloist and a dear friend of Joseph Holt from Washington, D.C., is the National Anthem singer for the Washington Capitals and a former member of The US Army Chorus.

Also joining us is The Foot Note Jazz Band, led by Greg Nielsen. The Dixieland Band will add a vibrant and jazzy element to the gala with a combination of operatic arias, duets, and lively jazz tunes!

In the true spirit of Mardi Gras, the event won’t just be a musical extravaganza but also a visual spectacle. The celebration will feature a parade and delectable New Orleans-inspired cuisine. The tantalizing flavors and culinary delights are designed to transport attendees to the heart of the vibrant city, adding another dimension to the cultural richness of the evening. This combination of music, visual splendor, and culinary delights transforms the event into a genuine celebration of the arts, highlighting the diversity and dynamism of the operatic world and capturing the essence of Mardi Gras.