Artistic Director’s Message

Dr. Joseph Holt

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams…

With these words, poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy launches his famous ode to creativity and the artists who create beauty in the world.

As performing musical artists, we strive to re-create this beauty and offer deeper meaning out of sound, providing a glimpse into a world that is beguiling, enchanting, and entertaining. Join Choral Artists of Sarasota in a season of performances that speak to our common humanity as people of faith, people yearning for peace in a discordant world, people seeking justice, people finding consolation in music,
and people enjoying the freedoms afforded us by our American principles. Five performances that bring us together through song, a symphony of vocal sound that expresses our inner thoughts and emotions.

United in Song takes us on a journey of renewal, with hope for a brighter future for all.