• Karen L. Olson

    Branch: United States Air Force

    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    Length of time served: 20 years

    Year retired: 1993

    Division and duties: I worked in many areas over my 20-year career including Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Squadron Officer School Instructor, Liaison to the Portuguese Air Force, US Air Force Tactical Command Inspector General team, and Department of Defense Inspector General team

    What does the D-Day Commemoration mean to you?

    Although WWII was before I was even born, I knew many officers whose lives were changed because of WWII and specifically DDay. The sacrifices they gave and conditions under which they fought were awe inspiring and really impacted some of the reasons I joined the Air Force when I did in 1973. I am honored to be able to participate in the 80th commemoration of this event along with so many who fought and surrounded by so many who died for freedom.