Mission & Vision


Choral Artists of Sarasota, the region’s premier professional vocal ensemble, celebrates the excellence of choral music through innovative, stimulating performances and educational outreach.


  • Present the best in choral music, embracing the rich diversity of its international repertoire
  • Present engaging performances that move, inspire, and delight
  • Provide educational materials which engage and enlighten audiences and performers alike
  • Employ choral works to nurture, motivate, and strengthen the musical and social fabric of our community
  • Recruit, develop, and retain the best musical talent available

From the President

Choral Artists of Sarasota is working hard to provide excellent and inspiring vocal music to our loyal community, delivering powerful and meaningful concert experiences that are our trademark. We, like all arts organizations – and particularly those that sing – are finding new ways, virtual and otherwise, to find our place in a world that, for now, restricts live traditional performances. In April, we offered our first online offering, “Take My Hand,” an inspirational and uplifting experience, featuring performances by Choral Artists from previous seasons with supporting visuals, narrated by our artistic director. We continued our traditional Independence Day concert, “American Fanfare,” with another virtual experience, drawn from previous performances and featuring inspiring visuals and commentary. Both performances are still available for viewing from our webpage or on our YouTube channel and both were offered to our community as a musical gift. As we navigate the landscape of recommendations and fluent conditions, we remain vigilant in providing a safe and healthy experience for both singer and audience alike. We are anxious to return to singing together for live audiences in our traditional venues but until that time arrives, we developed a flexible response that is thoughtful and prudent. Our artistic director and executive director have been re-working our entire season, developing plans to include one-hour virtual performances with smaller groups of singers alongside some outdoor performances later in the season. We are mindful of the safety and well-being of our audience, singers and other musicians and will carefully follow guidelines to minimize risk for all.

We are excited to learn new ways to perform and provide much needed musical solace and beauty. We are closely watching musical organizations all over the world and coordinating efforts with other artistic organizations to realize the great need for art and music in our lives. A viral outbreak of this magnitude does not mean that art and music cease to exist, and we are committed to finding the silver lining in the cloud, reaching out to a broader audience by streaming performances online. Dr. Joseph Holt had planned our next season well before the onset of the pandemic. It was, and still is, titled “Rise Up.” We had no idea how apropos this would be. He has creatively responded to the challenges ahead with thoughtful programming that follows the theme of the season, and with Susan Burke, executive director, developed partnerships and collaborations within the community that underscore the vision. Please join us for these concert events – each will feature a ‘live’ release followed by a monthlong replay which allows for a broader audience and the ability to re-hear and re-experience the event. Our website has full details about these programs, including our commitment to providing programs that have meaning and impact for our community.

Thank you for your loyalty and generous support of the Choral Artists. We will continue to make the highest quality music available in whatever venue – online and/or in-person – is appropriate. As a professional musical ensemble, we are continuing to develop new avenues for financial support, sustaining our singers and staff with meaningful employment. The live performance industry has been hit hard by the economic shutdowns dictated by the worldwide pandemic and we encourage you to further support us and our efforts by subscribing to our online programs, spreading the word via your social contacts and increasing your personal donation for the season. Now, more than ever, is that support so vitally needed.

Stay safe and stay well. I cannot wait to see you in person as soon as we can all do so.

William L Kimbell Jr
Board President, Choral Artists of Sarasota