Choral Artists of Sarasota Announces 2020-2021 Season
Choral Artists of Sarasota Announces 2020-2021 Season

Upcoming Concerts & Events

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Marching to Freedom

On demand February 14 - March 14
From slavery to the Civil War, Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Era of the 60s and even in our own time, the road to…

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Available on demand March 18 - April 15
This Broadway Revue features selections from Les Misérables, Man of La Mancha, Carousel, A Chorus Line, Sound of Music, and Sweet Charity – characters…

Love in the Air

Premiere showing Sunday, March 28 4:00
Available on demand through April 27
Dancemaker Elizabeth Bergmann brings new life to Brahms’ endearing Liebeslieder-Walzer, featuring a stellar vocal quartet and piano four-hand accompaniment. The charm continues with Neue…
Duration: 1 hour

Listen to the Earth Project

Multiple Events from April 23 - 25, 2021
Planet Earth takes a front seat through the eyes of regional and national experts and a world premiere performance of Listen to the Earth by…

Listen to the Earth Concert & World Premiere

Premier showing Sunday, April 25 4:00
Available on demand from May 7 - June 7
Our planet Earth, the only home we’ve ever known, is front and center in this performance that was originally scheduled in April 2020 to…
Duration: 2 hours

American Fanfare

Concert Sunday, July 4 4:00
Available on demand July 17 - August 17
Rousing patriotic anthems and stirring inspirational choral works celebrate Independence Day. The Lakewood Ranch Wind Ensemble joins Choral Artists for the first time, performing…
Duration: 1 hour